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It’s unfortunate that Social Security has become so complex that many people need an attorney to pursue their claim for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits. But those people who do hire an attorney have a much higher success rate than claimants who try to navigate the process on their own.

In fact, there’s no reason to do it yourself.

Kathleen E. Holden, Attorney at Law, offers free consultations to clients on a contingency fee basis. There is no financial risk on your part. You pay no attorney’s fees, no matter how long the case takes unless she succeeds in getting Social Security Disability and/or SSI benefits on your behalf.

Personal Attention
San Diego Social Security disability attorney Kathleen E. Holden will personally handle your case.  She will prepare the appeals of the denial and/or request for Reconsideration.  She will prepare your case for hearing, meet with you in person to prepare you for the hearing, represent you at the Administrative Law Judge Hearing.

If you have been turned down for Social Security on your initial application, or after your Request for Reconsideration, don’t despair. Kathleen E. Holden has extensive experience representing documents at the third level of the process, the Administrative Law Judge Hearing.

Ms. Holden will give you a questionnaire, if appropriate, to take to your doctor. After gathering your medical records and physician opinions, she will present the strongest case possible under the Social Security Administration’s rules and regulations.

Helping People in Need
Ms. Holden started practicing in the area of Social Security Disability in 1999. She finds it rewarding because she enjoys helping people obtain the benefits they deserve . She knows she’s not only helping people get a benefits check, but that qualifying for Social Security Disability Income means qualifying for federal Medicare health care benefits, and that qualifying for SSI means qualifying for state MediCal.

Contact San Diego Social Security Disability attorney Kathleen E. Holden today to arrange your free consultation.

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